Hui Zhou Gaoshengda Technology Co. LTD

Founded in 2004, Guangzhou Gaoshengda Technology Co. Ltd. (GSDT) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components and systems for the electronic industry. As the pioneer of microelectronics research and development, GSDT focuses on the design, production and application of electronic components and systems for consumer electronic applications.

GSDT is committed to providing high-quality and reliable electronic components as well as reliable, affordable microelectronics solution. Its products include integrated circuits and other related IC components, system ICs and board-level products, PCB production and assembly, MEMS and IC modules, LED display modules, LED lighting systems, and OEM services. GSDT serves a wide range of customers, ranging from consumer electronics and telecommunication device companies to automotive, medical and industrial automation, communication systems, and energy industry.

GSDT has been named one of the "China Famous Brand Enterprises" and is certified as China's "High-Tech Enterprises". With its advanced R&D capabilities and its quality production environment, GSDT offers customers quality products with its high-performance, cost-effective products and services. GSDT is dedicated to innovation, providing customers with an edge in the electronic industry. With its advanced technologies and complete product line, GSDT seeks to become the most trusted and reliable supplier of electronic components and systems to the industry.